My Little Family

Its great to meet you!  



I love surprises, the bigger the better!  

I believe that knowing the connection between farm to table food is important for everyone.  

I believe that children, like chickens, should be free range.   

After a hike in the mountains, there is nothing better than heading to a brewery for a cold beer and food truck food.  

Before my morning coffee...nothing good happens. 

I believe that birth can be sensual and affectionate.  

I grew up in the Midwest, living on a lake and I LOVE the water. I'm a water lover, in land-locked Colorado.   

I have birthed two babies and my labors were sensual, and brave.  I am a VBAC mama, and I relate well to those who are working to achieve a VBAC.  

I believe that birth stories are love stories.  

If you want to read more about my VBAC birth, you can find my story here.  

Life is an awfully big adventure …