My Little Family

Its great to meet you!  


About Jenn


I love surprises, the bigger the better!  

The mountains are my happy place, when they call me, I listen!  

I packed up all of my belongings after college and moved from Michigan to Colorado on a whim - and I've never looked back!  

We love having a huge garden and backyard chickens, because knowing where your food comes from is an important value that we want to teach our children.   

I save notes, letters and cards from my husband, mother and grandma.  Keeping their written words to look back on later is something I'll always cherish.

Date night at our house consists of going on a hike, and then sitting at the brewery, listening to live music and drinking craft beers.  

If we could just pack up and go, I'd love to spend a year traveling in an RV with my crazy little family.  

Life is an awfully big adventure …