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A Change in Birth Plan; Lutheran Hospital, Wheat Ridge Colorado

Birth Story at Lutheran Hospital

When it comes to birth plans changing, I know all about how that feels.  I’ve birth two babies in different locations than I planned myself.  So, I’m always sensitive to the families who do have to make a transfer from an out-of-hospital birth, to being in the hospital space.  It’s not what they pictured for themselves and their baby, but it can still be beautiful and honored.  Our local birth center, Baby and Company, transfers their patients to Lutheran Hospital and the midwives at Westside Women’s Care.  I’ve been so impressed at the midwives who honor their clients wishes, clients that they’ve only met hours prior.  Those families have to learn to trust new care providers in a short amount of time, and that is something really hard to do.  But the Westside Midwives have done a great job of taking care of my clients and respecting that the hospital wasn’t their first choice in birth location.

Rachel and Roberto transferred out of the birth center and to Lutheran Hospital.  They were disappointed, but rolling well with the change.  When I came into their labor space, they were getting into the bath and shower together.  Roberto held his wife through every contraction.  He comforted her and she trusted him.  They were an amazing team in birth and are amazing parents to their little lady.  Their birth story is one of passion, love and humor.  Roberto is able to catch his own daughter and hand her to his wife!  It’s a moment that they will never forget and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of their birth story.  Their labor images are some of my favorites this year.  Take a moment to check out their story and leave a kind word.

Birth Photographed at Lutheran Hospital

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