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Birth Photography Sessions Include:

  • Complimentary maternity session included in your birth package - because I believe that every mom should have photos of pregnancy that they can share with their child later in life.
  • A consult before your birth to chat about your birth plan and vision for birth photography. 
  • I go on call from the time you hire me, until your baby is born, because I want you to feel that you can contact me anytime during your pregnancy.   
  • I'll arrive at your birth when you are approximately 5-6cm dilated (active labor) and I’ll stay for 2 hours after baby is born to get those fresh shots of your new bundle. Each mother and birth experience is different, so we definitely chat about this prior to birth time to figure what works for you.
  • High Resolution Digital Files for you to print and cherish forever.
  • I bring my computer to every birth so that I can edit a couple of photos for you before I leave the hospital for your birth announcement. 
  • Payment plans are available!
  • Ask about (free) baby registry cards and gift certificates.

Contact me today to check my availability for births. I only accept 2-3 per month, so its never too early or too late to contact!  If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for sessions click HERE.
Birth Story Packages start at $1950

You Won’t Regret It

Because birth is beautiful...

Because you will never love your partner more...

Because you will want to remember this day...

Because you are meeting the new love of your life...

Because birth is life...

Because, baby! 

Birth Stories FAQ

Birth photography is growing and becoming a more mainstream life event to capture!  In part because this generation loves to document all aspects of their life, especially those that are so meaningful.  As your birth photographer, I’m there to capture the tender moments you share with your significant other throughout the birth process.  Birth Stories document your husband, your wonderful doula and/or nurses, the midwife or doctor who catches your baby.  All of these memories are for you to treasure.

What is birth photography? – Birth photography is documenting the day your child enters the world.  No matter how this baby comes to you, it’ll be a day that you’ll want to have captured.   Having photographs of the moment you meet the tiniest love of your life is a moment like no other.  You won’t regret having these photos for years to come and your child will be grateful for them as well.


How does it work?  – I love to meet with my clients prior to your birthing day to chat in person about your vision for your birth, and we get to know each other too.  Most clients like to keep in touch with me throughout pregnancy, I love to hear about check-ups and how pregnancy is going.  Many of my birth clients end up being friends throughout their journey. Moms typically text me about once per week during their third trimester to let me know how their checkups are going, and if things are changing or progressing.  When you are in labor, or have any early labor signs, then you’ll call or text.  During labor, you keep me updated until it’s time for me to come.  We discuss this in detail during our meet-up and I also send you a fridge reminder so that you’ll have the info at your fingertips.   When I arrive at your birthplace, I become part of your team.  I am there to support you; whether it’s giving you space when you need it, or offering encouraging words to you or your partner, I am happy to help out while taking photos that you will cherish.  When baby comes, I stay for a few hours after birth to capture meetings with siblings, first bath, newborn checkup, herbal bath and those treasured first hours.  For families which prefer a more private birth, I offer ‘Fresh-48’ sessions, which are done in the first 24-48 hours following birth or lifestyle newborn and motherhood photos.

How did you start doing birth photography? – I didn’t have a photographer for the birth of my daughter and I thought I was going to be okay with that.  I brought my camera in my birthing bag and planned on taking some shots myself.  And my husband and doula were asked to take some as well.  But it turns out that no-one remembered the camera in the middle of labor.  I managed to get a few shots myself, but they were all blurry and totally out of focus.  While I thought I’d remember every moment of my child’s birth, I definitely do not.  What I do remember is feeling so deeply connected to my husband as he helped me through every contraction, met my every need, and never left my side.  I tear up just thinking about it but I have only 1 blurry photo from all of those hours of labor. Then things changed and I had to have a c-section, and I never saw my child being born.  Having a photographer to capture those moments would have given me the only opportunity I had to see my child first emerge from my body.  I didn’t see her covered in vernix, or her first cry.  I only saw her after she was cleaned off and wrapped up, 10 minutes later.  Those are memories that I never will get of her and I wish I had a professional photographer there to capture them for me.

How many images can I expect, and what is the best thing to ‘do’ with them? – There are no certain number of images that I give, but you can expect around 150-200.  The images are going to capture your story, the details and your first moments with your child.  Some of my birth packages offer albums and all of my packages come with a photo slideshow set to music.

I want it to be very dark during birth, how will you take pictures in the dark? – I’ve had several mamas who want the room dark while delivering, professional photographers have gear that works in low light situations. I also like to have some light in the room, whether that is a small lamp or candle for photos or window light.  I haven’t had a mama who was bothered by the small changes that I make to get better light or shots. But I will work to accommodate you.  We can also talk about using a flash, or not, during a dark labor and birth.

What if you miss a birth, get sick or have an emergency? – Any reputable birth photographer works with a backup, they are called in the event that I have an emergency. If the baby just happens to come super fast, then I still come to the birthing place for photos, and we also set up a Fresh48 or motherhood session to replace what might have been missed in the event of a precipitous birth.  However, your fast birth is part of your story and I am there to document your story as it unfolds, even if it is fast!

Do you offer video? – Yes!  Contact me about upgrading your birth package to include a beautiful video about your child’s birth day.

Do you have any doulas that you recommend? – Yes, several, please message me for their names and contact info.

Why should I book with you over using a friend or other person who has a good DSLR? – Working in low light situations is not easy and even with a good DSLR camera, the capabilities in low light are not the same as a full frame professional quality camera.  It also takes a lot of time and practice to take pictures in near dark situations or the awful yellow hospital lighting.  I’ve take a lot of time to learn how to make a photo beautiful in a terrible lighting condition.  You can see the difference between a professional photographer, and an amateur with a good camera; here is the link to my own birth photos, taken by our doula, with my (old) camera here.  I’m so grateful for the images that I have, but they are in no way professional quality, even with my professional camera.  Additionally, I have years of practice as a photographer, shooting portraits and weddings long before I became a birth photographer – if you want professional photos, you have to hire a professional!

Will my birth photos be in color, or black and white, or both? – The definite answer here is; it depends.  I personally love color for births, but some births just look better in black and white.  Also, some images look better in black and white.  My style is to give images that work for that birth and the lighting, mood and circumstance.  If you specifically want black and white, or color images, just say so, that is no problem.
Will you share my photos on facebook, or on the internet? – You will have final say about any images posted online for your birth.   If you are uncomfortable with anything specific being posted, it needs to be discussed and put into our contract.   My business is run based on marketing and other people seeing the beauty and value in birth photography, which is why its important for me to share images.  BUT, I respect your right to privacy, these are your images, and am happy to accommodate.

How long do you stay after baby is born? – Generally 2 hours after birth, but it depends on the situation/birth.

Do you offer gift certificates? – Yes, message me for more info.

How far will you travel for birth? – I am located in the Golden and Lakewood area.  I photograph births in Denver, Boulder, Brighten, Lafayette, Longmont, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.  I am also available for travel, so if you are out of state/country, please email me for more info!

What if I have a c-section? –  C-sections are still birth, and this is your story.  My first child was a c-section birth and, for me, I think it would have helped my healing had I had images to look at.  I was overjoyed at watching my child being born, and don’t have that visual memory from her birth.  I didn’t have a birth photographer, so we don’t have photos either.  Many hospitals allow for a photographer in the operating room, some do not, it depends on the situation and day.  But I still am there to get shots of labor, getting ready for delivery, and after baby is born.  If this is a concern, please let me know and we can chat more about this.

What kind of gear do you have?  – I shoot with a Canon Mark III and Canon 6D and usually a 35mm lens.