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The Hayden Project

In late February I was given the opportunity to help a family in need, they had a stillbirth pregnancy at 20-21 weeks and wanted some pictures of Hayden before they had to say goodbye.  This is how the Hayden Project began.

This couple and Hayden didn’t qualify for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, photography services, because Hayden was’t greater than 25 weeks gestation.  While I understand the reason, I want to offer this photography service to other families in need.  There is no gestational age, if a baby in utero or a child is passing and you need photos taken, please contact one of us to capture these images free of charge.  If you need our services, please contact one of us, or myself at

Kelsey Bigelow heard about my desire to help families with this need and messaged me asking how to help.

Kelsey Bigelow Photography, you can find her facebook page here.


Elizabeth Petrucelli is a certified bereavement doula who is willing to help both families going through loss as well as supporting those care providers and photographers who help families through loss.

Dragonflies for Ruby , you can find more here.

You can find out why I created the Hayden project by reading more here.

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